Want to give your child an amazing reason to smile?

You’ve come to the right place!

Trusted by thousands of parents, East Village Dental is the safe haven of children’s dentistry in Calgary where your child’s comfort is our first priority.

Dr. Navdeep Dhaliwal is dedicated to providing his young patients with optimal care, love, and comfort so that their dental needs never get lost in the busy inner city of downtown Calgary.

We strive to foster a child-friendly environment that dispels stress, inhibits fears, and encourages beautiful, happy smiles.

We leverage our unique communication skills and a caring approach to make sure your children always look forward to their next visit to the dentist!

Dr. Dhaliwal kick-started his career by working in pediatric dental – and we can safely say that he possesses great care and ability when it comes to working with children.

We offer popular iPad games in the waiting area, Netflix TV and tablets in the dental rooms. We also offer multiple forms of dental sedation to make your child’s next dental procedure painless and seamless. It’s refreshing to know that visiting a dentist can be so easy and a whole lot of fun to boot!

Encouraging a Great Dental Experience

To make things even more exciting, we offer hundreds of awesome prizes for children after treatment.

Kids love Dr. Dhaliwal and he loves children’s dentistry!

To achieve the best results from every dental procedure, he interacts with every little patient on a one-on-one basis.

Our ultimate goal is to offer preventive care so that the precious smile of your child lasts a lifetime!

We don’t compromise on your child’s comfort, hygiene, and quality of their treatment. We are specially trained when it comes to dealing with children of all ages. We can confidently say that your child’s next dental experience will be a positive one with East Village Dental.

Children’s Dentistry

We put your child’s comfort first. Let us wow you with how well your kids can handle the dentist!

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While our dentists are busy treating your child with love and care, you can relax in our reception area and unwind with a healthy selection of premium coffee or other complimentary refreshments.

From magazines to Netflix TV, we have enough to keep you entertained! Or you may go explore the beautiful neighborhood of East Village in Downtown Calgary – and we’ll call you back when your child’s session is done!

Your Child’s Best Trip to the Dentist

When your child needs a trip to the dentist, you think about more than just the dental care. Will my child be afraid? Will my child cry? Will the wait be long? At East Village Dental, we’re set up to help children relax before and during their appointments, and we’re fortunate to have Dr. Navdeep Dhaliwal, one of the best pediatric dentists in Calgary.

Dr Dhaliwal’s pediatric dentistry practices focuses on both the child’s comfort and quality dental care. Dr. Dhaliwal and his assistants speak to pediatric patients with care and understanding. The dentist and the staff members find ways to let the child know that he or she is safe and does not need to be afraid. They do this while completing dental exams, filling cavities, and completing dental cleanings.

If your child’s diagnosis requires a procedure that could be painful, East Village Dental offers sedation dentistry. Sedation allows the dentist to work efficiently without causing extra discomfort to the sensitive child. Sedation dentistry not only helps the child, but puts parents at ease as well.

Sometimes, as the saying goes, the waiting is the hardest part. While our office runs very efficiently, 10 minutes can feel much longer to a child than to an adult. We’ve set up our waiting room and dental treatment rooms with the child patient in mind. Your kids will find iPads with games, Netflix on TVs, and other sources of entertainment. Your children may enjoy the office experience so much they may surprise you by looking forward to coming back to the dentist.

When you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Calgary, look no further than Dr. Dhaliwal at East Village Dental. We’re accepting new patients and will happy to discuss our approach to pediatric dentistry in our Calgary office. Contact us today for more information.

Visiting a dentist in Calgary does not have to be an overwhelming experience for you or for your child. Give us a chance and we’ll prove it to you!