All On Four Calgary

All On Four Calgary

The best all on four Calgary offers is at East Village Dental. Using techniques and tools that are cutting edge, we are able to provide the best standard of dental care. One of our most popular services is all on four dental implants.

All on four is dental jargon that refers to the replacement of all teeth using four dental implants for support. This revolutionary dental technique involves tilting the back dental implants to a forty five degree angle. With the back implants placed in this strategic manner, they provide enough support for a complete rehabilitation of the teeth.

Dental surgeries like this are meant for patients who have teeth beyond typical repair and require replacements. Porcelain implants are by far the most popular type of all on four dental implants, as they match the appearance of real teeth. Receiving dental implants of any type can greatly improve the quality and longevity of your smile.

Alternatives to Dentures

Dental implants are an alternative rehabilitative dental option to traditional dentures. Dentures can be uncomfortable and leave painful sores on the gums. Plus, many patients hate the idea of their dentures accidentally popping out at an unfortunate time. Eating with dentures can require restrictions, as they are not usually bonded enough to stay in place.

Dental implants are surgically implanted into your jaw, which means they cannot be removed. You don’t have to fear the embarrassment of being seen without teeth when you opt for dental implants. All on four dental implants are mostly reserved for patients who need extensive restorative care. Dental implants can avoid future dental procedures that might not be effective in the long run.

Avoid Bone Grafting

Another benefit of all on four implants is the avoidance of bone grafting. Since bone deficiencies can be found in the back of a patient’s jaws, the tilting is imperative to achieving desirable results. The tilting of the back implants also helps avoid the need for bone grafting. Imagine having a bright and strong smile that you are proud to flash to the world.

Boosting your confidence and overall dental health is as simple as contacting our team at East Village Dental. We can explain the details of the process in a way that is easy to understand, but is not at all condescending. Catering to the needs of our patients is what we do best. The recovery process goes by quickly to reveal a beautiful new smile you can be proud of.

Low Long Term Maintenance

All on four dental implants require low long term maintenance if they are properly cared for. Dental implants still need brushed and flossed to prevent the breeding of bacteria. The uncomplicated cleaning process allows patients to experience fresh breath that lasts. All on four procedures can also be called full arch rehabilitations, as all of the teeth require replacement. Implants are not placed under each individual tooth for support, but two implants are placed in the front and in the rear of the jaw. Since they are surgically implanted, the implants stay secure.

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