cosmetic dentist Calgary

cosmetic dentist Calgary

Everyone wants to have a beautiful, snow-white smile, but many people don’t even have the slightest idea regarding what they should do about it. And, from a more serious perspective, ordinary folks fail to recognize the importance of regular dental appointments, as well as the consequences of improper oral hygiene. We, the team at East Village Dental are not only interested in helping people smile more often, but also support them in developing the proper hygiene habits with regards to their teeth.

A cosmetic dentist in Calgary deals with both of these aspects with the help of cosmetic dentistry, a dental sector that provides both esthetic and health-promoting services. Cosmetic dentistry, although not a new practice, keeps evolving to this day, continually offering new, more effective methods to achieve even better results. Some of the most common practices include:

1.Dental cleaning
Dental cleaning has hygienic purposes first and esthetic ones after. Oral bacteria growth is typical of all people. There are ways to reduce the numbers of the culprits, but no practical way to shut them down entirely on your own. Teeth cleaning session does just that, eliminating all the bacterial deposits, cleaning the gums, eliminating and preventing the risk of infections.

2. Teeth whitening
It is meant primarily for esthetic reasons, where the dentist will go for removing teeth stains and teeth discoloration coming from consuming foods like red wine, coffee, and sodas. It is mostly painless, and it has long-lasting, beautiful effects.

3. Invisalign support
This is a procedure known by every cosmetic dentist in Calgary which resides in the use of special trays or braces, made out of plastic, to realign the incorrectly grown teeth. Aside from the obvious aesthetic benefits, one other plus is that Invisalign braces help eliminate the pains associated with teeth misalignment.

4. Porcelain veneers
These consist of small porcelain pieces that are meant to dress the teeth, each section for one tooth in particular. They are personalized, both by shape and by color, and are used to both alter the change of the teeth, when esthetics requires it, and create a healthy-looking, white and more balanced smile.

These are the most popular cosmetic dental services that are meant not only to improve the looks but also to decrease the risk of more oral severe problems in the future.

The benefits of a beautiful smile

Cosmetic dentistry is always changing, in a continuous effort to bring a smile in people’s lives. And the interests coming along with each procedure include:

Increased self-confidence
More symmetrical, healthy-looking teeth
Long lasting effects
An increase in the teeth’s lifespan and health
Protecting the gums
Eliminate bad odors and deliver a fresher, cleaner feel

Any professional cosmetic dentist in downtown Calgary knows the importance of cosmetic dentistry among the population because its beneficial effects are being supported by clear evidence every day. And it is our job, at East Village Dental, to make sure more and more people find out about the benefits. Because life is always better with a happy, white smile.

cosmetic dentist Calgary

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