emergency dentists Calgary

emergency dentists Calgary

Emergency dentistry is probably one of the most critical dental services, with regards to their immediate and long-lasting social impacts. According to a poll taken several years back, people identified tooth pain as being one of the worst pains they have ever experienced. East Village Dental is not only focused on providing emergency support in case of teeth pain, but also on eliminating the problems causing it, so that it won’t relapse and make the patient’s life miserable once again.

Emergency dentists in Calgary have their hands full with all sorts of primary teeth problems, every one of them requiring immediate attention. Some of the most common ones include:

Painful swelling of the gum

Gum bleeding, sometimes without an apparent reason and that would just not stop

Intense tooth pain, for a wide variety of reasons

Loose, cracked or knocked out teeth

Jaw injuries, depending on the severity

But the number one symptom that drives most people to the emergency room, regardless of the underlying problem, is tooth pain. It is the one that could push people to the brink of suicide, especially when we are talking about severe symptoms, associated with trigeminal neuralgia.

Trigeminal neuralgia is known as one of the most painful experiences a person can go through and it is known even to trigger depression, as well as driving people to the edge of killing themselves. The primary cause is the trigeminal nerve located in the jaw which consists of 3 major branches: ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular. What this means is that tooth pain which will affect the trigeminal nerve will often spread to all three branches, causing an unbearable pulsating and recurrent pain, with no apparent localization.

This is something well known by emergency dentists in Calgary, who consider neuralgia of paramount importance.

Causes and approaches

Some of the most widespread causes of tooth pain include:

Gum disease or gum injuries, along with any other type of gum trauma

Cracked, chipped, broken or knocked out teeth


Abnormal tooth positioning (Malocclusion)

Gum or tooth infection following tooth extraction (Dry socket)


Tooth decay

Depending on the severity of these dental problems, each has the potential to cause typical or atypical neuralgia, with the latter being milder, more like a feeling of burning, whereas the first one is pulsatory, recurrent and excruciatingly intense. And, as previously shown, there is no playing games with neuralgia. It can end up affecting the patient’s sleeping pattern, render him unable to focus and function appropriately in the society and can even lead to severe depression when the symptoms are very severe.

Emergency dentists in Calgary deal with these problems on a daily basis, which means not only that dental issues are prevalent among the population, but that people have also grown aware of the importance of modern dentistry. In the war against teeth problem, East Village Dental represents the first line of defense, one based on efficiency, prevention, and long-lasting benefits. And no compromises, because emergency dentistry allows for none.

emergency dentists Calgary

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