Pediatric Dentist Calgary

Pediatric Dentist Calgary

If you are looking for an excellent pediatric dentist in Calgary, call East Village Dental, and make an appointment for your child today.

Why Should I Choose A Pediatric Dentist?

Going to the dentist for the first time can be a little scary and overwhelming for a child. A pediatric dentist is a perfect option. Pediatric dentists specialize in working with younger patients and are experienced at dispelling their fears and putting them at ease. Your child's dental appointment should be fun and easy. We have an exceptional pediatric dentist in Calgary, Dr. Dhaliwal. He began his dental career working with children and makes sure your child's appointment goes smoothly.

Our office offers all of the latest and popular Ipad games in the waiting area, and we have Netflix on our television and tablets in our dental rooms. Your child will look forward to coming back. We offer a child-friendly environment and strive to make our youngest patients as happy as possible.  Our friendly staff ensures your child’s visit is as pleasant as possible.

We offer prizes after your child's exam and treatment is complete, which is something else they can look forward to. Our goal is to provide the preventative care necessary for your child to have a happy, healthy smile.

What Can I Do While My Child Is Being Treated?

We offer several options in our waiting room. We have different magazines you are welcome to thumb through, or we offer Netflix TV. WE also have a great selection of premium coffee and other complementary refreshments you can enjoy.  You might decide to take a stroll through our beautiful East Village neighborhood in Downtown Calgary and browse through all of the charming little shops. If you choose a stroll through our community, we will make sure to call you and let you know your child's appointment is finished. This allows you to enjoy some time without having to check the clock continually.

Why Should My Child Have Regular Dental Checkups?

Regular dental checkups and exams are essential for children because preventing any decay or catching small problems that can escalate is critical. Getting regular dental checkups is just as crucial for your child as a physical checkup. A dentist can tell if your child is going to have to have any significant work done or if there are problems.

A dental hygienist can also help instruct your child on the proper way to brush and floss. Some dental offices offer incentives, such as the no "cavity club" to help keep children on track with their brushing and flossing. An excellent pediatric dentist in Calgary will help educate your child on what it takes to maintain a healthy smile in an engaging and fun way.

How Can I Book an Appointment?

You can book online or call us at East Village Dental. We are a modern office that offers cutting edge technology and are open six days a week plus evenings. We want to be your family dentist. Contact us today, and we will arrange an appointment. We also open on Sundays twice a month. 

Pediatric Dentist Calgary

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