wisdom teeth Calgary

wisdom teeth Calgary

Wisdom teeth are pretty standard and so are the problems associated with them. And, while not everybody will experience unpleasant side effects of having a wisdom tooth in the first years of life, it grows apparent that it needs to be extracted eventually, to avoid further complications. Dealing with wisdom teeth is one of East Village Dental team’s prerogatives, mainly because of the side effects they may cause in the long run.

The extraction of wisdom teeth in Calgary is an essential aspect of the oral health, one which not many people consider of paramount priority. There are some side effects of having a foul wisdom tooth, some of which can prove to be extremely uncomfortable. These include:

1. Pulsating, recurrent pain
It often occurs in the back of the mouth and can be quite severe, especially in case the tooth problem aggravates. It may even spread to the other teeth if the infection will occur, opening the door for new and exciting dental issues.

2. Persistent headaches and jaw pain
If the wisdom tooth causes an infection, the swelling can affect the trigeminal nerve, which extends across the jawline. This will result in a widespread chronic pain able to reach extreme thresholds.

3. Swelling of the jaw
As it affects the gum and the surrounding area, the wisdom tooth can cause the gum to swell, making it painful at the touch and even during mastication, during a speech or just when trying to open the mouth.

4. Gum disease
Treating wisdom teeth in Calgary is essential due to the potential impact on the gum’s health. The risk for infections is high especially when the wisdom tooth is grown in an unnatural position, making it difficult to brush or floss around it. The accumulation of bacteria can, in time, lead to gum infection and gum disease.

5. Teeth damages
The wisdom tooth can be associated with damages caused to the rest of the teeth, so long as it has grown to push those around in awkward positions. As a result, the other teeth may appear misaligned and sometimes even painful, with the potential to cause gum infections and abscesses on their own because of that.

How to deal with the wisdom tooth

One of the least invasive and effective methods of keeping the wisdom tooth under control refers to regular dentist appointments. Only a specialist can use X-Rays to monitor the situation, thoroughly clean the surrounding area and take measures in time, provided complications start arriving.

But, on long-term, the most effective solution remains the extraction. This will eliminate the potential for further complications and solve any problem you may be dealing with at that time. Professionals deal with wisdom teeth in Calgary with every weapon they have at their disposal. It is a problem that may not seem too much at first, but it can quickly grow out of proportions in the long run.

East Village Dental takes the matter very seriously and offers a wide range of solutions for any dental problems, including dealing with pesky wisdom teeth.

wisdom teeth Calgary

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