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Teeth Whitening

As you age, the enamel on your teeth becomes more porous, leading to stains and discolouration on your teeth. Certain foods, such as coffee and red wine, will lead to yellowing of the teeth.

Free Teeth Whitening in Downtown Calgary

Take Advantage of Free Teeth Whitening for Life with East Village Dental in Downtown Calgary

Give yourself the gift of a beautiful and healthy smile with East Village Dental’s Free Whitening for Life Incentive Program; by committing to excellent dental maintenance and hygiene with Dr. Broyde & Dr. Dhaliwal at East Village Dental you are practising the ultimate act of self-care.

No gimmicks or hidden cost – simply maintain your regular hygiene appointments. We believe it is extremely important to maintain recommended hygiene care appointments and to receive necessary dental treatment to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile. In fact, patients who maintain regular hygiene appointments and receive recommended treatment, on average spend less money on dental care than those who only see the dentist when they perceive a problem exists.

Say yes to red wine, coffee and LIFE…

The East Village Dental’s Free Whitening for Life Incentive Program is something we are happy to provide as motivation for patients in maintaining their commitment to excellent oral health.
We want all our patients to perform excellent care for themselves and their family members. One way we can help you to achieve this is to supply you with the tools to look and feel your best with a whiter and brighter smile!

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