What is a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards or mouth protectors are worn over your teeth for protection from injuries to the face and head. The dental device usually covers the upper region of your teeth and gums. It is meant to shield your teeth from getting chipped or broken during a fall or accidental blow to the head. The device is often considered as mandatory safety equipment for athletes who participate in high contact sports. This includes sports like ice hockey, football, basketball and even gymnastics.

With that being said, mouth guards aren’t just for people who play sports. Over the years, the mouth guard has evolved to become a general dental protective device. That means it is being used by people who wear braces as extra protection. In addition to that, it has become an aide for patients who are prone to grinding their teeth at night. In the latter case, the device is referred to as a night guard.

When Should You Use a Mouth Guard?

Our local dentists in Calgary recommend a mouth guard in the cases mentioned above. It is usually seen as the best way to lower the risks of severe dental injuries (e.g. fractures and concussions) during sports.

Mouth Guards can also be used in myology treatments, and used as control devices for sleep apnea, and a whole lot more.

Let’s have a look some of the main benefits of a mouth guard:

  • It minimizes the impact of a head/face injury during a game
  • It prevents the wear and tear of your teeth during night time grinding and clenching
  • It allows your jaw muscles to relax and reduces tension between your jaws
  • It protects your teeth from chipping, reduced bites and sensitivity
  • Reduces muscular fatigue and soreness that’s caused by excessive clenching

Why Choose a Custom Mouth Guard?

East Village Dental offers custom made mouth guards our patients. We believe that a mouth guard should be tailored according to your teeth impressions. That’s because they provide a more snug fit when compared to basic mouth guards.

They are also:

  • Easier to wear and remove
  • More comfortable
  • Don’t hinder your speech or cause trouble when you breath

Dr. Greg Broyde and Dr. Navdeep will make sure that you receive a mouth guard that’s the perfect match for your teeth. We pride ourselves in having the ability to provide our patients with the highest level of care possible.

Say goodbye to dental woes with a mouth guard made just for you!

Need a Mouth Guard?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sports player or are frustrated with your night time grinding or suffer from sleep apnea. Our dentists at East Dental Village in Calgary are ready to assist. We provide custom-made mouth guards and night guards for our clients.

Dont hesitate to give us a call today!

Mouth and Night Guards

Do you play high contact sports? Do you grind your teeth at night due to stress? Wake up every morning with a sore jaw and headaches? If yes, then you might need a mouth guard or a night guard to protect your teeth. From pucks, footballs to stress, your teeth stay protected when you’ve wearing a Mouth Guard from East Village Dental.

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