Mouth Guards

Mouth and Night Guards

Protect your teeth. From the puck to the stresses of life, don’t let your teeth suffer from trauma.

Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Whether it be from, contact sports or night-time grinding, protect your teeth from trauma by getting a guard made at East Village Dental in Calgary.

Benefits of Mouth/Night Guards

  • by absorbing the clenching and grinding forces on the teeth, you night guard prevents tooth wear, chipping, sensitivity and a reduced bite
  • by protecting your teeth with a splint (night guard) you can allow your jaw muscles to relax at night and reduce the tension associated with clenching and grinding.

Benefits of Custom Sports Guards

  • a custom sports guard will help prevent trauma to the teeth/jaws and also, aid in concussion prevention.
  • a sports guard should be comfortable and stable while being worn, thus a custom fit with dental impressions is recommended.

Any questions? Book in today for a consult regarding a mouth/night guard with dentists Dr. Greg Broyde and Dr. Navdeep Dhaliwal at East Village Dental, located in downtown Calgary.