Root Canals

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Root Canals

An infected or inflamed nerve can cause a lot of pain. You may find your tooth is very hot or cold-sensitive and it hurts when chewing. We can perform a root canal – or endodontic treatment — to allow you to keep your tooth.

Root Canals in Calgary

Root Canals are often a scary term for most patients, but it doesn’t need to be that way. In fact, almost all patients undergoing root canal therapy will experience no discomfort at all! Root canal therapy is the best method in relieving pain and allowing the patient to keep their tooth.

The truth is as dentists, we hope that under our care, our patients will never need to get a root canal, but often if patients wait too long to see a dentist an otherwise small cavity can grow into a much bigger problem. If a cavity grows too big, it will infect the nerve (pulp chamber) of the tooth and lead to inflammation, infection and pain.


The root canal system is the space inside the hard layers of your teeth. It consists of soft pulp with nerves and blood vessels. We give you a local anesthetic at the beginning of the procedure. We then remove the infected, injured, or dead pulp from your tooth. We seal it, and sometimes top it up with a filling.
Root canals are the best way to rid a tooth of infection and keep its basic structure. Techniques have advanced and root canals are not the scary procedure they once were.

Advances in anesthetics and sedation have made it so the root canals are much more comfortable. In fact, getting a root canal generally provides tremendous relief, since patients needing root canals are generally in pain from inflamed pulp in the tooth and the resulting infection.

Now, the cause of the root canal in the first place was a large cavity, so after the root canal is completed often there is little tooth structure left. Furthermore, the teeth that most often need root canals are the back teeth that have the most chewing force, where the risk of fracture is the highest. Often post root canal therapy, a crown is recommended to be placed to lower the risk of fracture.

Here at East Village dental, in downtown Calgary, we have the newest instruments and techniques in rotary endodontics, including the waveone system to make your root canal an easy, quick, comfortable experience.