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Root canal treatments are one of the most common dental procedures in general dentistry. They are the best way to alleviate pain and prevent further tooth decay.

Root Canals are often dubbed as being painful and scary. However, this is far from the truth. Medical advancements ensure that our patients undergo the root canal therapy without any pain.

Our root canal specialists take every possible measure to make you feel comfortable during the therapy session. We are also happy to address any concerns or questions you may have prior to the treatment.

We hope to answer some of those queries below.

What Are Root Canals?

The root canal system is present inside the hard layer of your teeth. It consists of soft pulp with a collection of nerves and blood vessels. The area is prone to sensitivity issues when the health of this pulp is compromised due to negligence or an accident.

Our dentists usually prefer to use root canal therapy as a last resort.

That’s because we make sure that our patients have healthy teeth by keeping care of their oral hygiene.

Yet, there might be cases where an operation is necessary.

When Do You Need a Root Canal?

You may require Root Canal Therapy in Calgary if:

  • The tooth becomes inflamed and causing sensitivity issues when you eat hot/cold food
  • You suffer from severe toothache and have difficulty in chewing your food
  • An old filling or decay might raise some concerns
  • Your tooth might be chipped or cracked in areas that expose the sensitive pulp
  • The area near your root canal has started to swell

All these scenarios trigger excruciating pain and discomfort. Our immediate action is to eliminate the infection while keeping the basic structure of the tooth intact. This is only possible via an endodontic treatment. The other option is complete tooth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy

An infected tooth, severe cavities and inflamed nerves are a few of the reasons why your tooth hurts. The pain is minimized via a root canal treatment (endodontic treatment). The procedure allows us to save your tooth before the infection spreads.

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How Do We Help?

After the initial consultation, we book an appointment for the root canal. The procedure begins with a local anesthetic or sedation. The effects of which will last for a couple of hours. Then we get rid of the bacteria/infection and dead pulp that’s accumulated inside your tooth. Once that’s done, we start cleaning the area with an anti-bacterial solution.

Our next move is to seal the exposed area with special instruments. There are times when we might even top it up with a filling if required. Post root canal treatments usually require a crown to be placed in that spot. It is done to reduce the risk of a fracture and prevent opening the sealed area

We inject the sedative to stop your nerve cells from feeling any sensation during the treatment. This, in turn, prevents you from suffering from pain or discomfort.

The procedure helps remove cavity-ridden teeth, decaying pulp and seal fractured crowns. All in all, we make sure that our patient doesn’t suffer because of a rotten root canal.

Why East Village Dental in Calgary?

We have access to the latest technology in rotary endodontic (e.g. waveone system). This helps us to provide a quick and easy root canal removal.

Our experience and expertise allows us to be confident in our work and ensure you get the best possible experience and dental care we can offer you.

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