Dental Cleanings in Calgary

Our dentists at East Village Dental are in charge of taking care of more than just your teeth! We take care of your gums and a whole lot more. Our services include teeth cleaning, hygiene consultation and a variety of other services.

Our cleaning procedure and tips help inculcate proper dental habits in patients who come through our door.

Teeth cleaning might be one of the most basic dental care services we provide. That being said, this doesn’t mean that our cleaning sessions only revolve around our dental hygienists picking at your teeth.

Unlike some dentists in Calgary, our dental cleaning services go above and beyond.

We have roped in well-trained dental hygienists who won’t just clean your teeth. They also perform a dental examination that explores your dental cavity. While probing and exploring your teeth and tissues they might stumble across a growing infection or signs of tooth decay. Our dental hygienists are trained to detect any symptoms of periodontal disease and then report it immediately.

Therefore getting your teeth cleaned with us is a great way to provide us with the status of your dental health, barring any invasive procedures.

Why is Teeth Cleaning Important?

Teeth cleaning might sound like an ordinary thing you do at the dentist. You may wonder why regular brushing and flossing can’t do the trick for you. Despite the advancement in electronic toothbrushes, and tooth pastes, there are some things that a good scrub can’t clear up. That’s why it’s essential for you to book routine teeth cleaning appointments with our dental hygienists.

Professional dental cleaning procedures help to:

  • Clean away the stains and plaque from your teeth
  • Remove teeth deposits or anything else stuck in your teeth
  • Evaluate your dental health via standard examination (or X-Rays in certain circumstances)
  • Measure your bite and jaw line if required

They are also a great way to expose you to healthy teeth cleaning habits. And teach you and the family about proper techniques for flossing and teeth brushing.

Frequent dental cleaning sessions help our dentists to keep tabs on your oral health. There have been cases when examination during an appointment has lead to important discoveries about the patient. For instance, they might be suffering from periodontal disease without their knowledge.

Here are a few symptoms of the periodontal disease that they might notice:

  • Bad breath (halitosis)
  • Loose teeth that wiggle when touched
  • Gums prone to sensitivity and bleeding
  • Swollen gums
  • The formation of pus in the area near your teeth and gums

Teeth Cleaning

In Dentistry, the area of Periodontics looks after the gums and bones around your teeth. With proper dental care, including cleanings, you can prevent serious damage and a lot of pain when it comes to your mouth.

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What to Expect When You Book an Appointment

Dr. Greg Broyde and Dr. Navdeep Dhaliwal pride themselves in providing exceptional dental care services to all Calgarians. They pay close attention to teeth cleaning procedures as part of their preventative dentistry regimen.

Our dentists use instruments that are specifically designed to clean and scrub your teeth. The instruments are shaped to scale your teeth and get rid of germs and bacteria that are attached to its walls.

Our dentist’s main focus is to remove the bacteria-laden biofilm that has formed on your teeth. The biofilm contains a blend of bacteria and plaque that’s clinging to your teeth. So scaling it off your teeth is the best way to suppress further development of periodontal diseases in your mouth. After the scaling, our dentist typically polishes your teeth to remove stains (e.g. coffee, tea and wine stains). This ensures that your teeth look clean and white inside and out.

Lastly, like other dental facilities, we provide you with an optional topical fluoride application. This treatment is an effective way to eliminate bacteria from inside your mouth. It also protects your teeth from tooth decay by remineralizing the weaker areas. Getting rid of dental problems one session at a time.

Why East Village Dental?

East Village Dental has access to high technology endodontic equipment. This helps us to implement the best techniques to clean and examine your teeth. We believe that teeth cleanings in Calgary don’t have to be a hassle. Our dental hygienists will ensure your experience is pleasant, personable and efficient. We work with you to ensure your appointment is fast, thorough and of the highest quality.

Come and visit us at East Village Dental today.