11 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign

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Don?t really like the idea of wearing traditional metal braces for misaligned teeth?

Thanks to Invisalign, you don?t have to anymore!

With the innovative orthodontic treatment option, you can get the perfect smile without having to face discomfort, endure pain, or compromise your appearance.

Here are the top 11 benefits of Invisalign?for people who don?t want to wear brackets or wires on their teeth.

1.?They Are Invisible

The biggest reason why people with compromised teeth prefer Invisalign?over traditional braces is that they are virtually invisible. They have a clear appearance to ensure that they don?t become the center of attention on your face.

This is especially great for teenagers and older adults who don?t want to face the embarrassment of wearing metal braces and be recognized as ?the one with braces?.

2.?Maximum Comfort Guaranteed

Invisalign trays?are made with the highest quality plastic that feels smooth on the teeth as compared to traditional metal braces.

Moreover, these trays don?t have any sharp edges or extruding pieces to ensure maximum comfort and safety. They are custom-made to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly and make sure you have no complaints, pain, or discomfort whatsoever.

3.?No Pain

Invisalign aligners offer a seamless, pain-free experience. There?s no sharp piece that can pop free and cut or scrape your tongue, gums, or your lips. You don?t feel any pain or discomfort while talking to others and they won?t even realize you?re wearing braces!

4.?Removable Trays

Invisalign trays?can easily be removed for as long as two hours per day.Invisalign tray 300x192 1 11 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign

If you think wearing these aligners will drop down your confidence level when you?re going out on a first date, for an important meeting or a job interview, you don?t necessarily have to wear them!

Not only this, but Invisalign allows you to participate in contact sports, play musical instruments, and enjoy hobbies or activities that you usually can?t with traditional braces.

5.?Cleaning isn?t a Problem!

Regularly cleaning your mouth is the key to achieving optimal oral health. Straightening and aligning your teeth isn?t worth it if the health of your teeth and gums is compromised in the process!

Since Invisalign trays are removable, you don?t have to stress over keeping your teeth and mouth clean and germ-free. You can simply remove the tray before daily brushing and flossing and wear them back on after cleaning your teeth.

In addition to this, you can also clean the Invisalign tray itself! After brushing your teeth, you can rinse the tray or clean them with your toothbrush to ensure there?s no buildup.

6.?Time-saving Solution

Invisalign aligners save you the time and hassle of visiting your orthodontist frequently. They requirea beautiful smile 300x243 1 11 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign maintenance only after 6 weeks on average whereas traditional braces and other teeth straightening solutions tend to take much more time and several appointments.

Besides, Invisalign?usually takes from a year to a year and a half to reveal perfectly aligned, straight teeth. Braces on the other hand may take up to five years!

7.?Eat Whatever You Like!

Many orthodontic solutions aimed at straightening your teeth come with food restrictions.

However, with Invisalign aligners, no food is off-limit! You can enjoy your favorite food items without having to worry about ruining your braces. You can eat all the hard, chewy, and sticky food you like after removing your Invisalign trays. And then, when you?re done, you can simply put them back on.

This advantage also makes chewing and swallowing so much easier and comfortable!

8.?Boosts Your Self-esteem

By fixing misaligned teeth and perfectly straightening them, Invisalign aligners play a significant role in boosting your self-esteem.

A beautiful smile that shows clean, perfectly aligned teeth helps build confidence. You feel so much more comfortable with your appearance and it ultimately makes you happy.

9.?Improves Oral Health

You may be surprised to hear that straight teeth don?t only look beautiful but also boost dental health. They are better for your gums and make it easier for you to follow good oral hygiene.

Moreover, straight teeth eliminate gaps and crowding of teeth, making it easier for you to brush and take care of your teeth.

It also helps treat a number of dental problems, including overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite, overcrowded teeth, protruding teeth, and gapped teeth.

10.?Fewer Emergency Visits

Since Invisalign?are pretty safe and comfortable, you won?t have to rush in for emergency appointments with your orthodontist.

With Invisalign trays, there?s no problem of brackets or wires breaking and needing emergency replacements.

11.?Cost-effective Solution

Invisalign is the most innovative clear aligner system that costs almost the same as traditional braces.

What?s more?

It?s covered by many of the orthodontic insurance plans, which makes it the most cost-effective solution for misaligned teeth!


Considering these benefits of Invisalign, it?s easy to see why people don?t want to wear traditional braces anymore.

So, are you interested in getting your teeth fixed at an affordable rate and improving your smile with zero risks, discomfort, and pain?

Get in touch with a professional at East Village Dental clinic to get customized Invisalign trays?for beautiful straight teeth!

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