Invisalign Treatment in Calgary

With our expert Orthodontic Treatments, You Don’t Have to Worry about Crowded and/or Misaligned Teeth Anymore! Our treatments utilize a variety of devices, such as braces, brackets, and retainers that are fixed to the teeth to treat dental flaws. We also offer Invisalign for all types of treatments and for all ages!

The result is better-looking teeth, a healthier mouth, and improved overall appearance!

The devices exert gentle pressure on the jaws and teeth to move teeth, retrain muscles, and improve the growth of the jaws.

The slow but steady pressure causes teeth movement without damage to the bone and teeth themselves.

Treatment in Calgary may be time-consuming depending on your specific case but one thing is for sure – it will yield some amazing results!

Gone are the days when majority of the people would rely on metallic aligners called braces to guide, turn, and reposition the teeth for perfect alignment.

The advent of transparent and tooth-colored aligners has allowed patients to exude confidence without feeling awkward!


Invisalign has become a popular orthodontic procedure to improve the esthetics and function for patients. Invisalign treatment involves a series of removable plastic aligners that cover your teeth. Every 1-2 weeks the patient begins to wear a new aligner and slowly but surely the teeth move into the perfect position.

These clear aligners will move your teeth comfortably and efficiently to their final position, without having the metal appearance of braces.

Patients are expected to wear these aligners as much as possible, preferably all day and night. However, while you are straightening your teeth with Invisalign, you have the freedom to remove the trays whenever you need to.

Often, patients will remove their trays when playing sports, musical instruments or eating. Invisalign is a great option to correct crowded teeth and bad bites for patients of all ages, including adults and teens.

What sets East Village Dental apart from other Invisalign providers?

Do you want to have your treatment completed in half the time? Do you have a time crunch and hope to achieve your desired treatment within that?
These are questions and concerns that are no longer unreasonable. Dr. Navdeep Dhaliwal is now offering a variety of acceleration options for your treatment. Your treatment time could be reduced drastically with these options and without to much additional cost.

Evening and weekend appointments:
At East Village Dental we get that people have responsibilities, jobs families and other priorities asides their orthodontic treatment and with that in mind, our office is happy to offer evening and weekend appointments for everything from your initial Complimentary consultation to your regular Invisalign checks.

Flexible Payments and Zero interest options:
Achieving the smile you have always wanted should not be out reach. At East Village Dental we have a variety of payment options. We have interest free payment plan options as we want everyone to be able to obtain their orthodontic needs.

*** Our office accepts VISA, Mastercard, Direct debit options for payment plans***

Invisalign in Calgary

Crooked teeth should neither come in the way of a genuine smile that reaches the corner of the eyes nor in the way of comfortable chewing or speaking. Orthodontic treatment in Calgary will help you achieve straight teeth that interdigitate in an optimally functional and aesthetic matter.

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After-Care Matters

After getting orthodontic treatment in Calgary, it is crucial to keep up with good oral hygiene at home and schedule regular hygiene appointments even while you are wearing braces. Oftentimes, the brackets and wires tend to trap food and bacteria, leaving you susceptible to inflamed gums and tooth decay.

Regular brushing in and around the brackets as well as beneath the wires, using threaded floss is imperative. Regular hygiene visits will further help reduce the chances of developing any dental problems during orthodontic treatment.

Interested in getting orthodontic treatment Dentists in Calgary for crooked, misshapen, or misaligned teeth? Our Dentists in Calgary can help! Book your appointment with our Invisalign Specialists today!