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Dental Sedation

Can you imagine dentistry without local anaesthetic? Our grandchildren may laugh at us when we tell them that we chose dentistry without sedation. If your nervous about dentistry, then do we have good news for you.

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

A common reason people avoid dental care is their fear of the dentist. Sedation has been used in dentistry for generations to make the dental visit an easier and better experience for patients who require it. Most offices who offer “sedation dentistry” offer oral sedation.

Patient’s who could benefit from sedation include:

  • Patients who have a significant fear of the dentist
  • Patients who have a significant amount of treatment required
  • Patients who have complex treatment required including wisdom teeth extractions and dental implants

Oral sedation has its place in dentistry to help calm the patient down during their dental procedure.

However, oral sedation does have some drawbacks. The biggest drawback to oral sedation is that it’s impossible to guarantee the quality of sedation that the patient will receive; there are many factors out of the control of the dentist with regards to the quality of the sedation. Since the drug requires to go through the stomach and liver before hitting its effect, everyone’s reaction to the drug will be different. If there are any complications, the reversal medications require an IV to be started.

At East Village Dental, we overcome some of the oral sedation drawbacks by including nitrous oxide during the sedation.

Together we find the two forms of sedation work synergistically to provide a better effect.  However, even with the added nitrous oxide, the inherent drawback of oral sedation continues to exist: unpredictable level of sedation.

IV sedation has become the gold standard for sedation dentistry.

IV sedation is the safest form of sedation dentistry since the amount of drug given can be tailored to each patient. Some patients require a significant amount of sedation medication to be nicely sedated, while others require very little. At East Village Dental, we offer a two-drug modality, where each drug works synergistically together to improve sedation without increasing the dose. An added benefit is one of the drugs is a short-term amnesic agent, meaning most patients who use IV sedation have no recollection of the procedure; an appreciated bonus for those who do not particularly enjoy the sounds of dental work. The other drug focuses on pain to make sure that patients are very comfortable throughout the procedure.

What separates East Village Dental from other sedation offices?

A number of things, including a professional medical pre-examination, ensures that you are eligible for the sedation. We also have an on-staff nurse with 20 years experience in surgical anesthesia and critical care.  In addition, all our staff received extensive training in both Advanced CPR and IV sedation assisting to provide a safer and better sedation experience. And finally, price: most offices charge between $600-$1000 for the sedation alone. At East Village Dental, we want people who require the sedation to receive it; our fee is a flat $300.


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