Dental Sedation in Calgary

Dentistry should not make you feel uneasy. If you have Dental anxiety, this is the right option for you. At East Village Dental, we are paving the way for IV Sedation Dentistry. It is our philosophy to ensure ALL patients can achieve a comfortable dental experience.

Dental sedation in Calgary is for you if:

  • You are afraid of the dentist
  • You require a complex dental treatment, such as wisdom tooth extraction or dental implants service
  • You require multiple dental procedures as part of your treatment

IV Sedation: The Gold Standard for Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation is the safest form of sedation dentistry since the amount of drug given can be tailored to each patient. Some patients require a significant amount of sedation medication to be nicely sedated, while others require very little. At East Village Dental, we offer a two-drug modality, where each drug works in conjunction to improve sedation without increasing the dose. So why chose East Village Dental?

Sedation Dentistry

Can you imagine dentistry without local anaesthetic? Our grandchildren may laugh at us when we tell them that we chose dentistry without sedation. If your nervous about dentistry, then do we have good news for you.

Sedation Dentistry Sedation Dentistry Calgary

Why Choose Us

Complimentary Consultation
The first step should not be a costly one. We offer complimentary Consultations for this. At this appointment, we can effectively discuss your treatment needs/ wants and from there, we also do a medical screening. This is to ensure you are medically fit to have the procedure as your safety is our priority.

Conscious Sedation
The medications administered for this not only ensure you will be comfortable, but they also induce an amnesic affect and you will still be able to respond to our instructions and cooperate in the chair during your procedure

Fully Trained Staff

All our staff at East Village Dental have been fully trained in Advanced CPR and IV Sedation training so we are ready for anything. We also have a registered nurse on site for these appointments with 20 years experience in Critical care who will monitor you during your procedure.

Flat Fee

Whether you need implants, crowns or something as easy as a cleaning, our office charges a flat rate of $300.00 for any and all treatment per visit. Most other dental clinics charge $600-$1000.

Direct Billing
We want to keep things simple for you. So, we offer direct billing to most major insurance companies. Save the paperwork for us!

On par with the Albert Fee Guide
Dentistry should not be out of reach. We are proud to be a local downtown office who offers all our services on par with the Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

Your convenience and satisfaction is our top priority!